Paleet is home to Talormade’s third location in Oslo.


Mandag til søndag 10.30 – 18
93 00 94 82

It began as a pop-up concept named Fryd in 2016 by Australian coffee roaster and pastry chef Talor Browne from her apartment in Torshov and took the city by storm. It has now grown into a delightful, colourful, sweet dream that brightens the streets of our city.

Talormade makes everything daily from scratch, from their freshly roasted coffee, to beautiful hand crafted doughnuts and creamy softis. They take what they do with the upmost professionalism but don’t take themselves very seriously. Try the 30 daily rotating flavours or one of the best coffees in the city.

Mat 14/10/21

Vi er med på Sentrumslappen!

Det betyr at du kan spise og drikke for 100 kr eller 200 kr på flere steder i Oslo sentrum. Sentrumslappen gjelder fra mandag 18. – søndag 24. o[...]

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